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Singapore Incorporates Polygraph Testing for Soccer Players

Singapore Incorporates Polygraph Testing for Soccer Players
Singapore, May 29, 2001. According to an article in, the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) has recently decided to incorporate polygraph testing for soccer players, coaches and managers who may be suspected of throwing a game. This decision is a result of several past recent international scandals of players allegedly throwing key games for profits. The short article reported that: “It is compulsory for S-League players, coaches and managers to sign a consent form agreeing to the polygraph tests, or lie detectors, if they are suspected of throwing a match.” However, an additional effort to have the league referees also take tests, if suspected of misdeeds, has failed. Reportedly, the decision on the referees was in part because many are amateurs and volunteers who take time off from work to officiate in the matches. Further, FAS apparently wanted to avert a possible boycott from the referees if the tests were made compulsory. FAS will give the referees more time to think about the matter. It has appealed to them to support the FAS decision on the players in an effort to weed out corruption which has given the region a bad name.

Internet –, “FAS move for lie detector tests – Refs say no,” by Suresh Nair, May 29, 2001

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