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 Have you been lied to or falsely accused? We provide peace of mind and closure.


Victorian Update:  Australian Polygraph & Lie Detector Services conduct certified lie detector and truth verification services for any member of the public. Due to temporary Covid-19 restrictions in Victoria until 13th September and travel restrictions throughout Australia we now provide a unique, safe and exclusive behavioural analysis alternative that can be conducted using Zoom or Skype also.

Do you need answers to your questions? We give you answers and peace of mind that will end the pain and heartache. We provide truth verification and lie detection services for all issues including: homicides, thefts, frauds, fidelity & trust issues, sexual assaults, domestic disputes, false allegations, insurance matters, sexual abuse/harassment cases and dispute resolution. Australian Polygraph Services utilise the latest in computerised polygraph technology that get results FAST whilst providing peace of mind that will end the pain and heartache. Ensure that you consult a recognised, certified and qualified examiner for accurate results. When looking for a polygraph expert ask them what country they trained, the name of the institution, their experience, and ask them to supply proof of their qualifications before engagement. Lower prices don’t guarantee accuracy, experience or value. 

Fast, efficient and cost effective. Don’t suffer any longer. Call us for a free consultation now.

 “If we had done this test earlier it would have saved a lot of pain & anguish!”

Results within 10 minutes after testing

We have been used by 60 Minutes, Sunday Night, A Current Affair, Today Tonight and various media outlets throughout Australia and New Zealand to provide lie detection services, truth verification & polygraph testing on numerous high profile cases including;


  • The polygraph test for the Sunday Night program conducted on Boris Milat, brother of Ivan Milat, as to whether Ivan had told to him that he shot Neville Night on the 6th March, 1962.
  • The polygraph test conducted on Steve Waugh AO, Former Australian Cricket Captain as to whether he had ever engaged in match or spot fixing throughout his cricket career.
  • The polygraph test on 17 year old school student Kim Duthie regarding her relationship with player manager Ricky Nixon.
  • The polygraph test on Frank Cole relating to his disclosure that he located Azaria Chamberlain’s body at Ayers Rock in 1981
  • The polygraph test on Michelle Chantelois who claimed that she had an affair with then South Australia Premier Mike Rann.
  • The polygraph test of Ron Vigenser the person accused by John Ford of being involved in the placement of 4.1 kilograms of cannabis into Schapelle Corby’s luggage at Bali airport.
  • The polygraph test of Mike Scrafton, a senior government advisor, regarding a telephone conversation he had with then Prime Minister of Australia Mr. John Howard in relation to the “Children overboard” scandal
  • The Polygraph test of Andrew Mallard in relation to his suspected involvement in the murder of Pamela Lawrence in West Australia in 1994. Mallard requested and underwent a polygraph test whilst in custody and was eventually released after nearly 12 years in prison.
  • A polygraph test conducted on the former leader of the Democrats Senator Andrew Bartlett
  • The behavioural analysis of interviews conducted by Liz Hayes of 60 Minutes with Schapelle Corby the Australian woman charged with importing 4.1 kilograms of cannabis into Indonesia inside a body board bag
  • Polygraph testing for 80 homicide cases for the Victoria Police Homicide Squad, South Australia Police Major Crime Squad and the Australian Federal Police.

We can give you a result in less than 10 minutes after testing! We provide closure and peace of mind.  Need the truth call us NOW!

Stop the the emotional pain & suffering.

  • Fast results guaranteed (within 10 minutes after testing)

  • Best value all inclusive package

  • No consultation fees

  • Clinical professional testing suites

  • We provide peace of mind and closure

  • We accept major credit cards or electronic transfers

  • Highly trained, certified and qualified examiners

  • The first Australian Polygraph Company established in 1997

  • A wealth of experience in all areas of polygraph testing

  • Conducted polygraph testing for 76 homicide cases

  • Consulted by the media in numerous high profile cases

If you want answers we provide peace of mind. Call now!

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Professional, experienced and discreet

I can’t recommend Australian Polygraph Services highly enough. I was falsely accused and now I have proof that I was telling the truth!

Australian Polygraph Services are professional and highly credentialed I would highly recommend them to anyone

Our matter just continued to fester for years. I just wish we did this earlier

Well worth the price. Now I have closure & peace of mind

Thank you once again Steve for your utmost professionalism and empathy to our situation. This polygraph test has proven invaluable in helping me resolve some confusing and frustrating issues in my mind. I was so appreciative that you made my partner feel relaxed!